Thursday, 25 February 2010

Use yer loaf

Still no green vegetables in the shops, but Marguerite Patten rushes to the rescue with an interesting-sounding cheese, tomato and potato loaf. Yes, there's cheese in there, but I've saved the ration and my (and CJBS's) 2oz each will go into this.

I've had the deep satisfaction of making the breadcrumbs for this (two slices into the food processor, ten seconds later: breadcrumbs. It never fails to brutally please) which are then toasted and put round a greased 2lb loaf tin.

I'm boiling some new potatoes and when they're done I'll let them cool and slice them up. I'm also making a cheese sauce at the same time. Next to slice some tomatoes.

Then it's layering: potatoes, tomatoes, cheese sauce. Potatoes, tomatoes, cheese sauce. And so on until the tin is full. Then 30 minutes in a medium oven. In theory, this should turn out onto a plate. In practice, it will be welded to the inside of the tin. Of course it will. These things always are. They only turn out neatly on to a plate on television, and that's because the food is plastic or otherwise faked (yes it is).

This is a meat-free, pasta-free lasagne in all but name. Have you ever cooked a lasagne and had it come out looking like the photo in a book or on a frozen food packet? Of course not. So I'm ready for this and will have Eduardo, our dishwasher, primed for his "Intensiv Care" setting (that missing "e" riles me) to scrape the remainder off.


Merseytart said...

I wish I hadn't already made dinner, because that sounds very tasty...

RJGraham said...

It was! Perhaps not quite enough - we had to bulk with bread - but a good use of the cheese ration IMHO.

Michelle said...

I wish we had fresh tomatoes available, this sounds delicious and much more promising than our liver dinner tonight!

Kecske said...

A BBC book has been published to accompany this series. "Giving Marguerite Patten Excitement" by R. J. Graham costs 5/- and is available from all good booksellers.

(In a plain brown wrapper, I'd imagine...)