Thursday, 10 December 2009

And the final product

I've finished the savoury meat roll experiment. Only the result has been sausage and potato patties. I'm not unhappy with this.

The texture from not steaming but baking instead was firmer and just looked "right", compared to the soggy faux-meat version I made for myself. Out of the oven, I rolled the result into balls, flattened them, dipped them in a little beaten egg then shallow fried them.

When they were golden, I took them out and drained them on kitchen roll. I'd imagine that, during the 1940s, people would've left this sort of thing on racks and collected the run-off fat, perhaps even keeping them in a low oven for half an hour to extract as much as was going to fall out. Gravy hides a multitude of such non-sins.

And now the results go into the fridge, for me to reheat tomorrow for CJBS to pass a verdict. I think they'll be fine. Meanwhile, I'll keep the browned breadcrumb remains and the fat from shallow frying (it was the fat I cooked the sausages in earlier, so it was already flavoursome, as these things go) for use tomorrow and look for a recipe that will use both.

And the rationing experiment doesn't even begin until 2 Janaury!

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